Company Profile

In the 21st century, scientific enquiry and technological research have helped us to further understand the importance of plant nutrition and to develop better nutritional systems for successful growing. Dramatic advances in the field have led to many new horticultural and farming practices. Often consumers are confused by the enormous number of growing methods proposed and products available. Specialists at Nutrifield® have taken note of this consumer need and introduced an innovative range of planting media and nutritional products. We understand that consumers need information as well as superior products that deliver optimum results.

Our horticultural research and development team works closely with agricultural, horticultural and hydroponics businesses in order to further develop the Nutrifield® range of products. We take product development from the initiation of research right through to the implementation and marketing of ground-breaking new products. Every Nutrifield® product is subjected to stringent testing in our laboratories and is analyzed and scrutinized in growing trials. The products are then subjected to a rigorous quality assessment program before being released onto the market. Every Nutrifield® product is designed to promote accelerated growth of plants while working in synergy with them and your garden.

Recently the focus in the horticultural sector has moved away from the destructive practices of intensive farming to more environmentally-friendly, sustainable, cost-effective and water-saving methods. At Nutrifield® the emphasis has shifted to producing biodynamic and organic products that work microscopically on plants to promote growth through invigoration and energizing. We at Nutrifield® believe there will be no future without sustainable agriculture and horticulture. This is the main reason why we have introduced our BFA, organically certified Smart Garden® range.