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  • Pre buffered
  • pH stabilised
  • High water absorption & essential air ratio
  • Guaranteed hazard free growing
  • Natural, bio-degradable & environmentally friendly
  • Clean & free from pests
  • Carries RHP quality (#036ST09)
Key Benefits 
  • Pre buffered to prevent nutrient lock out that would result in plant deficiencies
  • Ph Stabilised for optimum nutrient uptake resulting in ideal growth
  • Allows high water absorption and maintains the essential air ratio for rapid growth and improved root structure guaranting hazard free growing under a range of various conditions
  • 100% natural and bio degradable medium that is easy to dispose of and environmentally friendly
  • Clean and free from pests allowing the plant to concentrate its energy on growth rather than fighting pests or diseases benefiting in healthy plants and improved yields
  • Carries RHP stamp of quality to guarantee the consistency of the product and ensure you receive the same standard of results time and time again (#036ST09)
  • High nutrient holding and exchange capacity that facilitates rapid nutrient uptake and reduced yield times    




Nutrifield’s NF Premium Coco is your ultimate organic based growing medium. The medium is produced from coconut husks following a precise ageing and treatment process. The coco coir consists of 45% cellulose material to ensure long lasting physical properties preventing the media from decomposing or compacting during use.

Nutrifield NF Premium Coco is pre-buffered to prevent calcium and magnesium lock out. Lock out occurs due to the coco coir having a negatively charged complex that is surrounded primarily by sodium and potassium. This becomes an issue when the fertilising begins as the sodium and potassium will be exchanged with calcium and magnesium. The consequences would results in a calcium and magnesium deficiency for your plants. The problem is solved with Nutrifield NF Premium Coco. The pre-buffering prevents this occurrence and also stabilises the mediums pH while reducing the EC reading to less than 0.7 mS/cm.

Plants have complex air-water requirements and due to Nutrifield NF Premium Coco’s physical attributes, it allows for large water absorption while ensuring the essential 30% air porosity is maintained. This facilitates ideal rhizospheric growing conditions that are important to develop strong healthy plants.

Nutrifield NF Premium Coco is a clean product that is free from harmful parasites and diseases. Inferior products are enriched with neem as they do not follow strict manufacturing processes and therefore require neem to control diseases and parasites due to their cheap manufacturing practices.

Nutrifield NF Premium Coco carries the RHP stamp of quality. (#036ST09) The RHP Dutch Standard of quality for horticultural substrates ensures a stringently monitored quality homogeneous product that will give you consistent performance. Serious growers rely on the RHP standard as a sign of excellence as only premium products carry the Dutch seal of approval.